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Full Custom tour service in Chiang Mai to suit your own schedule and interests!

Trekking & Activity tours

Multi day Tours

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Tour Map

Per person price will depend on your group size as indicated in the pricing table below

Not included in this tour

Hotel accommodation

Option - Mae Klang Luang trail 800 baht/group

Option - Mae ya Waterfall 700 baht/group

No of Persons

Price per person 

18,550 baht
25,450 baht
33,950 baht
44,250 baht
53,300 baht
63,100 baht
72,950 baht
82,900 baht
9+please ask

Privately escorted tour just for yourselves and your group of family or friends.

Tour Notes

Availability, departures and group
This is a privately escorted tour and you will be supplied with your own guide, driver and transportation, there will not be others on this tour and you will not join a group. We can arrange this tour to suit your own schedule and departure date. On occasions we are fully booked so please book early to avoid disappointment and please also book at least 4 days prior to departure so we have sufficient time to process your booking. Please fill in the booking form with you chosen departure date and we will get back to you within 48 hours confirming availability and price. Full booking and payment instructions are stated on the booking form,

Day 1
 - For this tour you will not be provided with air-conditioned transport but will be making use of local transport. This will be either by tuk tuk or Songtaerw (often referred to as red trucks or Rot Daeng) We hope by travelling on public transport will give you a deeper insight into the city of Chiang Mai. If however you would prefer transport y private air conditioned minibus please let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements and re-quote the tour cost based on your group size.
Day 2 - For this tour you will be provided with a modern air conditioned vehicle as follows:
Group size 1-2 persons - you will be provided with a modern air conditioned car or 9 seat Toyota Commuter minibus
Group size 3-9 persons - you will be provided with a modern 9 seat Toyota Commuter minibus
Group size 10-13 persons - you will be provided with a modern 13 seat Toyota Commuter minibus

Buffalo Market
Saturday is the day of the local buffalo market at Sanpaong. If you are doing this tour on a Saturday we will take you here. If your schedule allows Saturday is a great day to do this tour!

Pick up and drop off.
For this tour we will pick you up at your Chiang Mai hotel and drop you off there again each day after the tour. 

To secure your booking we will require a deposit paid online of a maximum 20% (minimum 1000 baht) of the tour cost. For the balance payment this can be paid in Chiang Mai with our tour guide on the first morning of the tour. If you have booked hotels through Curious Gecko we will also include in your deposit payment one nights hotel accommodation charge for each hotel booked.

This is a 2 day tour.  No accommodation is included in this tour and we will assume you will make your own accommodation arrangements. However if you would like Curious Gecko to arrange your accommodation before during and/or after the tour then we can do then we can provide a quote with one of our partner hotels above

Breakfast: not provided (will be provided with hotel booking at Yoma only)
Lunch: provided on day 1 and 2
Evening meal: Not provided

​In line with the requirements of our Tourism Authority of Thailand Licence we will provide accident insurance for all participants up to a maximum value of 100,000 baht to cover medical bills in the event of an accident.

Child pricing
Children above 130 cm tall will be charged as adults
For children 24 months up to 130cm tall there is a 500 baht reduction in price
there is no charge for infants up to 24 months old. 

Swim wear
If time and water conditions allow we can take a shower in the waters at Maya Waterfall. If you want to do this please bring your swim suit


This is a two day tour. Both days will depart and return to Chiang Mai. No hotel accommodation is included in the price of this tour. You are free to make your own hotel arrangements or we would be happy to make your hotel arrangements for you with one of our partner hotels. Curious Gecko offer the following hotel choices in Chiang Mai.

Included in this tour
Licensed English speaking guide

2 Lunch


Entrance fees

​Boat trip on Mekong


Tour Price

​Day 2

Tour Itinerary with Ankha Nature trail 
​(short walking)
1. pick up at your Chiang Mai hotel 8:00am
Local baffalo market at Sanpatong (saturday only)
2. Vist Wat Phrathat Chom Tong
3. Vist Wachiritharn Waterfall
4. Visit King and Queen Pagodas
5. Visit top of the mountain
6 Angkha Nature trail
8. Karen Village (Not long neck)
​Siritharn Waterfall OR option to visit Mae Ya Waterfall
9. Option - Mae Ya Waterfall
10. return to your Chiang Mai hotel

Tour Itinerary

​Day 1

1. Pick up at your Chiang Mai Hotel 6:00am
2. Visit market to buy alms for monks 
3. Early morning alms giving to monks​
4. Kruba Srivichai Monument,
5. Visit Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (Temple)
6. Local Breakfast
7. Visit Wat Phra Singh
8. Visit Wat Chedi Luang
9. Visit Wat Si Susaphan
10. Visit Warorot Market
11. Local snacks/street food
12. Return to your hotel approximately 2:00pm

Tour Overview

Day 1
An early start will be required as we will need to be up and about with the city monks on their alms rounds around the city. After pick up at your hotel the guide will travel by local transport the local market where we will purchase some suitable items for the offerings to the monks we will then be transported the short distance to one of the many city temples where you will have the opportunity in joining the alms giving. The monks rely on the the alms for their basic food needs and in return, the alms giver gets a blessing from the monk. Following the early morning alms giving it will be time to head up to Doi Suthep Temple. At the bottom of the mountain and the start of the road up to the temple we will make a brief stop at the Kruba Srivichai Monument, this shrine dedicated to the monk which founded Doi Suthep is busy all day with locals paying their respect and maying prayers to improve their lives. Doi Suthep is without a doubt Chiang Mai's most famous temple and sitting on the mountain side of Doi Pui it affords some spectacular views across the city of Chiang Mai. The winding road is 18km to the base of the temples, from here it is recommended to take the 304 steps of the Naga staircase to the temple itself. On return from Doi Suthep we will take a local Thai breakfast before making a couple of morning temple visits. Your transport during the morning session of the tour will be using what is locally available (mostly tuk tuk and songtaew).  We will visit Wat Phra Singh, this is probably the most import old city temple and is always busy with locals paying their respects to one of the many Buddha images situated in the various buildings in this temple, we will them move on to Wat Chedi Luang Chiang Mai’s largest Chedi and once its tallest structure. We will then move onto the last temple of the morning which is Wat Si Suphan which is situated at the center of Chiang Mai’s silver smith area on Wualai Rd, this temple has been adorned with silver decorations demonstrating some of the silver craft work which is very typical to this area. Following the temples we will head for the local market where you can take the opportunity to try some local street food and visit the cities busiest and largest local fresh and dry foods market. After the market  it will be time to transfer you back to your Chiang Mai hotel.

Day 2
This tour will combine the main sights of Doi Inthanon National Park while giving you the option of getting you off the main tourist route and deep into the park to see more of what Thailand’s premiere national park has to offer. You will be collected from your hotel and we will make our way towards Doi Inthanon (If you are taking this tour on a Saturday them we will stop in at the weekly Sanpatong Buffalo Market to get a flavour of a real provincial working livestock market) our first stop before entering the national Park will be to see Wat Prahtat Sri Chom Thong (Ankha nature trail itinerary only). following the temple visit we will proceed into the park and make our first stop at the spectacular Wachiritharn waterfall. We will continue up the mountain to visit the King and Queen Pagodas, these monuments dedicated to the king and queen of Thailand are situated near the top of the mountain and some of the best views over the park can be had here. Continuing up the road for a further 10 minutes will bring us out near the top of Thailand's highest mountain at over 2500 meters high. The air will be cooler here for sure! and in the cold season months the temperature can be very cold indeed so be prepared with a warm pullover.  Next it will be time for some walking! We have 2 choices of trails for you, you are free to choose but your choice will depend on your fitness level and how far into the park you would like to go! (see below for the choices). To finish off the tour you can take the option to visit Mae Ya Waterfall, without a doubt Inthanon's most spectacular!(often missed by most tour groups on a visit to Inthanon) the tour will finish when we make the return drive to Chiang Mai and transfer you back to your hotel.

Walking options on this tour
1. Angkha nature trail  - This is a short but stunningly beutiful nature walk. You will follow the decked walkway through the pristine forest at around 2500 meters above sea level. the walk is a short 800 meters long and will take around 10 -15  minutes to complete
Difficulty level - easy
Extra fee -  no extra charge

2. Mae Klang Luang Trek  - This is a longer trek which will take you deeper into the national park. The walk is around 4-5 km and will take 1.5-2.0 hours to complete. On the route  you will see a Karen village, terraced rice paddies which are cultivated by the Karen people and visit a coffee plantation.  
Difficulty level - hard
Extra fee -  800 baht for group (this fee is for the local national park guide who must accompany us on the trek)

* Maya waterfall closed in the wet season​​
* For those taking the Angkha nature trail option you will vist Siritharn Waterfall in the afternoon 

2 Day 1 night chiang mai highlight Tour

​PRICE 2,550 - 8,100 Thai Baht