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Bloggers discounts


We are currently promoting our flagship tour:


We are currently offering 10-100% discount on the price of this tour for bloggers

For the discounted rate we request the following:

1. A write up of the tour in a blog post
2. Mention the tour was conducted by our company Curious Gecko
3. A  link to out website within the blog post

We do not make any requests about the content of the writing, you have complete bloggers freedom to write about the tour as you see fit and in your own style.

The amount of discount will depend on the following:

1. The age of blog and frequency of blog posts
2. The main subject of the blog. Travel blogs are valued and we will be inclined to offer a larger discount
3. The number of persons you want to bring with you on the tour (if you are not travelling alone)

We will make our own judgement based on the above factors and make you a discounted offer. So if you are interested please contact us with a link to your blog.

Please also note that once written we would be happy to share your blog post through our own social media channels.