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Full Custom tour service in Chiang Mai to suit your own schedule and interests!

Trekking & Activity tours

Multi day Tours

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Tour Overview

Morning Programme - Be ready for an extra early start as you will need to arise the same time as the monks from the local temples! Your guide will meet you at your hotel and we will board local transport for the short journey to the local temple or market where you will have the opportunity of giving alms to the monks on their early morning rounds. We will then go to visit three local and important city temples. There is no minibus provide on this tour as you will be travelling like the locals! you will be using both tuk tuks and Songtaews (the backbone of Chiang Mai's transport system, the icon red truck) Your guide will teach you about the use of tuk tuks and songtaews and the way they operate to hopefully equip you with the knowledge and  confidence to use Chiang Mai's public transport system on your own if the need arises after the tour. You will visit Wat Phrah Singh, one of Chiang Mai's most important and busiest city temples and Wat Chedi Luang Wat Chedi Luang contains Chiang Mai's largest Chedi (although earthquake damaged) and the Wat Si Suphan (adorned with locally crafted silver) We will stop by at Kad Luang (Chiang Mai's busiest city market often referred to as Warorot Market) and see the myriad of goods available here including fresh and dry food stuffs, flowers, street food and lots lots more! We can also try some local snacks at the market. The mornings tour will end when we escort you by public transport and drop you off at your hotel.

Afternoon Programme - On the afternoon programme you will not have the opportunity for the alms giving to the monks as this only occurs shortly after sunrise but in the afternoon programme we will replace the alms giving with "monk chat" On one of the temple visits you can take the opportunity to sit down and chat with some of the English speaking monks which reside in the local temples in Chiang Mai.

Tour Notes

Availability, departures and group
This is a privately escorted tour and you will be supplied with your own guide and transportation, there will not be others on this tour and you will not join a group. We can arrange this tour to suit your own schedule and departure date. On occasions we are fully booked so please book early to avoid disappointment and please also book at least 4 days prior to departure so we have sufficient time to process your booking. Please fill in the booking form with you chosen departure date and we will get back to you within 48 hours confirming availability and price. Full booking and payment instructions are stated on the booking form,

For this tour you will not be provided with air-conditioned transport but will be making use of local transport. This will be either by tuk tuk or Songtaerw (often referred to as red trucks or Rot Daeng) We hope by travelling on public transport will give you a deeper insight into the city of Chiang Mai. If however you would prefer transport y private air conditioned minibus please let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements and re-quote the tour cost based on your group size.

Pick up and drop off.
For this tour your guide will meet you at your hotel and escort you back to you hotel after the tour. A short walk may be required to meet up with the local transportation

To secure your booking we will require a deposit paid online of a maximum 20% (minimum 1000 baht) of the tour cost. For the balance payment this can be paid in Chiang Mai with our tour guide on the first morning of the tour. If you have booked hotels through Curious Gecko we will also include in your deposit payment one nights hotel accommodation charge for each hotel booked.

This is a half day tour. No accommodation is included in this tour and we will assume you will make your own accommodation arrangements, before and after the tour. However if you would like Curious Gecko to arrange your accommodation then we are happy to provide you a quote.

No Meals are provided on this tour

​In line with the requirements of our Tourism Authority of Thailand Licence we will provide accident insurance for all participants up to a maximum value of 100,000 baht to cover medical bills in the event of an accident.

Child pricing
Children above 130 cm tall will be charged as adults
For children 24 months up to 130cm tall there is a 500 baht reduction in price
there is no charge for infants up to 24 months old. 

Swim wear
No swim wear is required on this tour

​Afternoon programme

1. Pick up at your hotel 1:00pm
2. Visit Wat Phrah Singh
3. Visit Wat Suan Dok
4. Monk chat
5. Wat Si Supan
6. Visit Warorot Market and flower market
7. Local street snack 
8. Transfer back to your Chiang Mai hotel 5:00pm

Privately escorted tour just for yourselves and your group of family or friends.

Tour Map


Per person price will depend on your group size as indicated in the pricing table below

No of Persons

Price per person 

12,250 baht
21,850 baht
31,550 baht
41,350 baht
51,350 baht
61,300 baht
71,300 baht
81,250 baht
91,250 baht
9+please ask

Tour Itinerary
​Morning programme

1. Pick up at your hotel 6:00am
2. Visit morning market to buy alms for monks
3. Early morning alms giving to the monks
4. Visit Wat Phrah Singh
5. Visit Wat Chedi Luang
6. Wat Si Supan
7. Visit Warorot Market and flower market
8. Local street snack 
9. Transfer back to your Chiang Mai hotel 10:00am

Not included in this tour

Breakfast and ​lunch

Included in this tour
Liscenced English speaking guide

​Transportation costs

Entrance fees

Alms for monks

Tour Price


​HALF  Day Chiang Mai City Insight  tour

​PRICE 900 - 1,950 Thai Baht